Integrity. Experience. Commitment.

Fiscal Responsibility

Utah County must skillfully address the significant growth challenges that lie ahead—and do so without compromising its core values. The county must take a measured and careful approach to growth, and do everything possible to maintain its high standards and quality of life. I have managed my business for three decades on a disciplined budget, while still supporting my employees and never defaulting on a payment. 

Conservative Values

As a seventh-generation Utah County resident and as an avid outdoorsman, I am passionate about preserving the uplifting values and family environment for his own grandchildren and for all families. I am grateful for my ancestors who served in this wonderful county, including his grandfather Allen as a Utah County Republican Party Chair.  


As a long-time Utah County Republican Delegate, I am deeply concerned about some of the decisions made and directions taken by the county, including the 64% tax hike. County Commission is exactly where and how I most desire to serve; it’s not a stepping stone to another position, and I am committed to serving a full term.